Why should you chooes me ??

  • Why choose me and not a family member you might ask ?, well I can and will devote 100% of the time you have hired me for, to taking, composing, arranging and making the best images that I can on the day. My concentration will be 100% focused onto the day., your special day, while if uncle "Joe" is taking them he will be there, but his attention will not be at 100% as he could be a family member, he will also want to enjoy the day to a lesser or greater extent, and that will mean that some shots won't be taken or the timing will be slightly off. He will also be fixed in one place, should it be a church wedding, I will have been to the location (I do this to any place that I have not been to before) to scope out the best locations for me to be at at the correct times. I will have been to see the minister to ask about the restrictions that may apply and as an official photographer, I will be able to have more access to certain positions in the church or registry office. I will also have more suitable cameras, lenses and more experience to handle difficult lighting conditions.
  • What I am trying to say is that when you hire me, you are not just getting the time you hire me for, you are also and much more importantly getting the experience gained from other weddings.
  • In short, I will come with experience, I will have additional cameras to cover the small probability that the one camera that comes with Uncle "Joe" suffers from a memory problem, or isn't charged, or suffers from another fault. My camera kit is checked before hand, serviced regularly and I come with additional kit to cover most if not all eventualities. This is where my experience comes in. In other words I come fully committed to be there 100% to capture your very special day.
  • You also get me for the post processing of the images and the eventual presentation of them as an album, DVD slideshow etc. Where as someone else may have another job to do, I am committed to work on the final images without distraction.